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Production of LED screens
and high quality products

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Our production

Our company is engaged in the production of  LED screens of high quality for premises and streets. Also we are engaged in the production of billboards and media facades.  Our products are in great demand and have found wide application in various fields of activity:
outdoor advertising;
show business;
entertainment activities.
Our production is located in a five-storey technopark, which houses the newest lines for SMD soldering. The area of the technopark is 1000 m².

Advertising boards are made on the basis of our LED screens. Metalwork is made of steel and aluminum. For large wind loads, only a steel structure is used, which ensures reliability and durability.


 Service life - from 11 years

Low power consumption

Superb image quality

Any pixel pitch

Execution of SMD, DIP

We work all over the world

Some works